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Anonymous heroes


Rafael Doníz photography

Rafael Galván House
Zacatecas 94, col. Roma, México City
October 25th, 2012 to february 23th, 2013

The workers of the countryside and the city: workers, office workers, craftsmen, vendors, bureaucrats, carpenters, masons and all kinds of trades are the subject of Rafael Doníz’s photographic exhibition Anonymous Heroes. It is a set of 60 images in small and large formats printed in black and white gelatin silver system captured with analog cameras.

Anonymous Heroes is not a simple catalogue of trades, but the encounter with people whose presence only excites and fascinates by the dexterity of an activity, in some cases already disappeared.

“I place my eyes on the people who carry out the toughest, most strenuous and difficult tasks because few dare to carry them out, and despite their crucial importance to the economic life of the country, go unnoticed.”

Casa Rafael Galván