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Artisan salt makers


Photographs by Rafael Doníz

Punctum Galería
Allende 2, first floor, Centro, Mexico City.
Opening saturday, may 28 to july 2 2016.

The delicate and precise style with which Rafael Doníz constructs his photographs, evokes the moments transited by his gaze, peaceful and faithful to time, his best ally. Doníz always puts beauty and subtlety at stake. In front of his camera, nature and the human condition leave a trail or a remnant to be memorized in the future. There is no detail that does not belong to the moment, there is no moment that could escape his gaze, and there is no gaze that does not lead to his eye.

Los Salineros, is an essay that reflects the work of men, women and children in the artisanal production of salt, mainly in the areas of Zapotitlán Salinas, in Puebla; San Bartolo Salinas, in the Mixteca Baja, and the neighborhood Alvaro Obregón de Juchitán, both in Oaxaca, indigenous regions that share the same history: they are regions highly exploited and overworked since pre-Hispanic times, it is for that reason that Doníz highlights them, to give them a place in history and in our memory.

Mabe Guzmán
Presenters of the book Víctor Muñoz, Alberto Dallal and Claudia Canales.