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Giantesses and Other Chimeras


Rafael Doníz

Artes de México | Rama ediciones | 2018
Textos de Rafael Barajas “El fisgón” y Rafael Vargas.

Languaje: Español e Inglés
Size: 25 x 33 cm
Pages: 224

Giantesses and Other Chimeras. Through the lens of his camera, Rafael Doníz portrays the gigantic figures of billboards alongside their smaller counterparts, members of the human race. With a good dose of humor and irony, the photographer, in this book, manages to capture the mundane lives of mythical creatures that continue to dwell among us on the walls and buildings of our streets. Giantesses and Other Chimeras is a compilation of 130 photographs taken between 1973 and 2017, the product of a life devoted to representing light in space and time. With his vision of a world where gigantic eyes are watching over us—a metaphor for society—the photographer demonstrates that we should pay more attention to the stories unfolding around us.