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Nayari Cora


Photographs by Rafael Doniz

National Museum of the Revolution Contemporary Art Gallery
Republic Plaza S/N, Cuauhtémoc, Tabacalera, Mexico City.
April 11 to July 12 2015.

The Ministry of Culture of Mexico City, in collaboration with the Historical, Artistic and Cultural Heritage, the National Museum of the Revolution and the Metropolitan Autonomous University, have the honor of inviting you to the inauguration of the photographic exhibition and the presentation of the book Náyari Cora by Rafael Doníz. The event will take place this Saturday, April 11th, 2015 at 12 a.m. Comments by Dr. Claudia Canales Ucha and Dr. Alfredo López Austin.

With a long and successful career, the great photographer Rafael Doníz  takes us through the light and shadow of the world of the Coras, an enigmatic and rich culture from the East of Nayarit that we discover through dazzling images, both of its landscapes and daily life, and of the rituals with which, year after year, they recreate the ‘original essence’. Through that sharp and serene look that characterizes him, this artist reveals to us an impressive plastic reality.

Museo Nacional de la Revolución